Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Return of the TF

Alright! So it has been forever and then some since we last heard from Toilet-face. This is the beginning of November/Part II in my TF project, picking up on a rainy Monday morning after his flailing, pathetic attempt to talk to the girl he likes at a Halloween party the previous Friday. You may recall that he sort of made a fool of himself. Well... here you go!


Laura Galbraith said...

do you have a place where I can read all your recent comics sequentially???

Jordan Jeffries said...

Unfortunately since these are still just in sketch/draft form I haven't really grouped them together anywhere online, but, the part previous to this is here:
and on that post I have links to each part before it... once this whole project is written (still a ways off) I will probably put together something so people can read the draft all together though.