Sunday, April 19, 2009

Do You Wanna Dance?, Part II

Remember these guys? I teamed up with my partner in crime, Laura Shema, to make this. For a folio based on the theme "Frequently Asked Questions," we went with the question "Do You Wanna Dance?", in the tradition of the great Beach Boys, Ramones, and nerds and sweaty club-goers the world over. I did the drawings, and Laura did all the hard work- composing the final image, putting together the color and text, and screenprinting them all to boot.


Laura Galbraith said...

you guys make a ridiculously awesome team!! cute!! ...any more collaborations on the horizon?

Jordan Jeffries said...

Future collaboration is definitely possible. At least I think so. I mean, if she wants to screenprint things based on my work, uuhhh, I will always be game! I also think there's a few narrative printmaking projects she's done that I'd love to turn into comics if she's game.

Laura Galbraith said...

lol!! yeah i guess that cuts out half of your normal amount of work!! thats pretty awesome! Well I can't wait to see more :) when are you coming out with a book of your stuff?!?! I wanna add a really nicely bound edition of toilet face to my collection. (*cough cough* put it on blurb... hehehe)