Sunday, January 11, 2009

All My Days Till Then

You might remember this being posted in a much sketchier state earlier- I finally got around to bringing it to final. This isn't part of the ongoing TF project I've been posting sketched pages of for the past few months, though it certainly is rather similar in theme and tone. I edited it a bit to sound less awkward- a shade less of 'speechifying,' if you will. Heavily referential to "Out of the Silent Planet" by C.S. Lewis, which I definitely recommend. Think twice before moving on to "Perelandra," though.


Laura Galbraith said...

I love the finished product, really feels alot like fall with the colors... very sad :'(

any reason toilet face has become so serious? what happened to his witty bantering about life?

great job as usual. :)

Jordan Jeffries said...

Thanks Laura! I've been meaning to do stuff with TF that isn't necessarily humorous for a long while, and am just starting to write things- the longer comic I'm writing w/ him is hopefully going to strike a balance between bittersweet stuff and humor, because life is funny and sad all at once, so why shouldn't comics be?

Kim Herbst said...

Oh man, I love the colors you put on this one! I think it's a great idea to start with a quote for these slightly more somber comics. I think your style can stretch from one genre to another real well!

Laura Galbraith said...

yeeeeeeeeeeah i guess balance is a good thing... although i really loved seeing his funny side :D

i guess toilet face is human just like the rest of us... lol!!

more more more! more toiletface!!! :D