Thursday, January 01, 2009


The holidays have been busy! But, things are winding down, and so I present my first illustration for 2009, and it coincidentally functions as something of a reminder of some of the many lows of '08.


pw! said...

this is just great.

i went looking through your website before the holidays, i read every single word, laughed out loud surprisingly frequently (i'm not a big 'laugher', just one of those idiots who smiles and thinks "that was funny!"), and other times was just in constant admiration for your cartoons jokes comics and storytelling.

most of the time, the snooty cynic i never want to admit to, critiques how a joke is told, even the stuff i love, be it Bagge or Schultz, i can't help it, but whenever i read your strips, i don't think i did that once. my opinion means nothing, and i am nobody, and i don't even try to do funny, but i just think your humor comes across pitch perfect.

Mikey said...

Well it is nice to see your self-representational character has started lifting weights those are some beefy arms. Looks like your self-loathing may be waning, careful it might affect your career. Happy New Year!!

Jordan Jeffries said...

Peter- thanks a ton! Your opinion totally does mean something, at least to me, haha. Your work's been some of my favorite over at the Autumn Society, btw! I'm off to check out your site more extensively now!

Mike, haha, no worries. My self-loathing remains ever intact- I'm just masking it better, which of course in turn makes the whole situation even sadder when I'm forced to face the hard truth.

John MacConnell said...

Haha, love this! Great sense of light and texture!