Thursday, November 13, 2008

Senior Prank

Here's two more from the ongoing writing!


No Heroes Here said...

Nice! Brad?

Have you ever considered doing a full-time webcomic? I don't have a clue a) how viable of a business model that is or b) what kind of work would go into that... but man, I certainly have spent hours reading others. And would not mind some regular TF or other Jordan creations in my daily life.

Jordan Jeffries said...

It's something I've thought about, for sure. Right now I'm interested in doing this project as something long-form and designed for the page, and I like moving at my own speed so I can make sure the art is as good as it can be. But something like the Guide to Girls could definitely be a possible webcomic... maybe for the future.

Jordan Jeffries said...

And yeah in these sketch versions I have not taken as much care as I should about changing the names of characters based on real-life people, haha.