Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Here's a piece that isn't final at all. I tried a few new things, and now that it's done, I have a better idea of what I want to do with this theme of (basically) awkward high school portraits. I wanted to make awkward looking kids, but not ones that are absolute stereotypes, so the basic idea here was having a big muscly guy, but he's got all the typical nerdy afflictions. Nothing revolutionary in and of itself but it could make for a funny drawing if done right. These just aren't done right, yet. The colored version is actually the first attempt, but I was dissatisfied with the way his chin and neck were coming together (In retrospect the biggest problem is just how lazily the inner neck lines were done). I whited out the original and reworked it- that's the black and white sketch- but this was probably way too much of an overcorrection. Something about that big smooth triangle jaw is funnier, even if I felt like it didn't fit.
In any case, the germ of the idea is there, and I'm ready to move onto the final piece(s). Until then, I've got these.

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