Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vinylmore 4

Hey all! Vinylmore 4 opens this Friday, April 1st, and I'm participating once again! Join me on my latest toy-making journey.

So I started with some sketches related to the boombox I posted a while back, ultimately settling on this:

I did a ton of painting but was totally unhappy with how it was coming out and ultimately ended up scrapping that plan entirely. (It also didn't feel like "me," but rather a kind of generic popular aesthetic thing).
So here's the next sketch I ended up at:

Variations on this dark haired, bespectacled, stripey-shirted gal have been appearing in my work a lot recently, and I decided she was ready to move into the 3D world.
A sketch of the mystery girl for this comic:

She's popped up in varying forms in other pieces like this as well.

So the final result? I present to you "Dream Girl":

A far nicer photo by Rachel Whang can be seen here!

Again, the opening for Vinylmore 4 is this Friday, April 1st, from 7pm–10pm! Check out the Facebook event page here.

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