Tuesday, June 29, 2010


A true life story for you:

So there you go! Inks are done. I'd love to color this- I'd love to color everything I do- but the project this is for will most likely be printed black and white, so at most I might add some basic value down the line. For now though, it's final!


Ryan Cecil said...


Ray Jones said...

Sounds about right for 4am... hah! Nice work man! Great pacing and story.

Andrea Kalfas said...

where was this?...because I had a very similar experience

Jordan Jeffries said...

This was in Philly, outside the [unnamed national pharmacy chain] where I was working at the time (and where the rest of the comics I've been posting are set.)

I've been approached by entertainer-panhandlers in Baltimore a few times too, down around the harbor, but this guy had a full routine- I was impressed, really!