Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beehived Oblivion

New overheard in "b" today! As always, Baltimore friends are encouraged to grab a copy- free!- and smudge their fingers up with some newsprint.

The original sketch of this version went a little something like this:

It was proving tricky to stuff the title into the tall, vertical panel I had left for it, and nothing was really looking right. I kind of like the above sketches a little, but this more finalized version was just lame:

Instead I decided to make the whole comic a little more panoramic and use a retro design kidney shape for the title, which worked better, but due to the space restraints, ultimately had to be cropped into the frame like you see above in the final version.

"Said What?" is compiled by Benn Ray of Atomic Books and appears in "b," Baltimore's free daily paper. Grab it today, or check it out here!

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