Friday, April 02, 2010

Vinylmore III

Don't forget, the opening for Vinylmore 3 is tonight! Things kick off at 7PM at Atomic Books.

Featuring pieces by Assassin, Holly Morgan Barnard, Nate Bear, Stephen Blickenstaff, Danielle Blue, Michael Bracco, Rebecca Bradley, Peter Chang, Ben Claassen III, Michael Clayton, Donald Edwards, Taylor Fischer, Meg Freeburn, Kate Haberer, Lucas Hanyok, Brandon Hill, Jordan Jeffries, Jereminus, Greg Johnson, Mike Konold, Bonnie Crawford Kotula, Hawk Krall, Jim Lasher, Max Lewis, Sarah Mires, Steve Morris, Ryan Onorato, Rakka, Cathleen Sachse, Michael Sachse, Kevin Sherry, Mary Smith, Wolfie, Erin Womack, Ayumi Yasuda, Jeremy Zombie.

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Hope to see you there!

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Malachi Ward said...

I wish I could go!