Monday, November 24, 2008


Sorry some of these are a little tougher than even usual to read, I started a new sketchbook and the tops of some of these are where it's runnin' into the gutter.


Kali said...

Jordan, I sure hope you keep doing these! Are you thinking of compiling them all somehow later, or going further than sketches? (not that you have's really nice to see a sketchbook like this filled with a little comic!) :)

Jordan Jeffries said...

Absolutely, these are just the writing step for me, but I wanted to post them for any feedback and also so it doesn't look like I'm doing nothing all this time, haha. But yup. These will be completely redrawn and are all going to be part of one long comic, right now everything I've posted so far is nearing the end of the first third of the story. I'm going to 'write' the entire thing before going back and redrawing it all. It's daunting! But I'm hoping to pencil, ink, and color eevveryything I've posted thus far.