Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sneak Preview

All summer long, my special limited edition collection of issues 1-4 of Let's Just Be Friends has been this slow-moving beast, this monkey on my back, and I cannot wait to be done with it. All of the art was completed before the summer started, but I had to learn how to screenprint and acquire the equipment to do so, bug the living hell out of mentors and friends, and spend a lot of quality time with Xerox machines and laser printers. Of course, it's nothing a million mini-comics makers haven't already gone through, and why am I even talking about it when I'm STILL not done making it? But all that said, here's a preview of the cover!

I'm at my parent's place visiting for a few days, and thusly am without a scanner, so any other updates that may come soon will also be some older stuff of (hopefully) interest.

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